Highest Paying Best Adsense Keywords List

If you are an adsense publisher, or want to become an adsense publisher, you will be looking at making the most money possible from adsense.So it is a good thing to do some research before selecting your niche for a website.If making money from adsense is your primary monetization tactic, then you need to carefully see the top paying keywords for adsense and then decide which niche you are going to start off with.Without high paying adsense keywords, you will not be able to make much money from the Google Adsense program.

Top Paying Adsense Keywords List

What Kind Of Niche Works With Adsense?
Usually, Technology, Blogging, SEO etc are the kinds of niches that work really well, but they are not the best niche to make loads of cash from adsense.The best niche are those in which the people visiting your site are not tech-savvy, which means, they must be people who really do not know what adsense is.

Gaming is a niche that works very poorly, very low paying ads which are not worth the traffic you will be losing.Entertainment is also one such niche where there are no high earning adsense keywords.

So lets get to it –
Highest Paying Adsense Keyword List
Insurance (With local varieties)
DUI Attorney (With local varieties)
Medical Attorney (With local varieties)
Lawyers (With local varieties)
Car Insurance (With local varieties)
Structured Settlement
Vioxx Attorney
Contract Management Software
Car Accident Lawyer
Note Buyers
Donate A Car
Investment Fraud
Content Management
Home Equity Loans
Cash Advance
Payday Loan
Asbestos Lawyer
Cord Blood
California Refinance
Cerebral Palsy
College Loans
Student Loans
So these are some of the highest paying adsense keywords that I have come across, if you have any more, please add them to the list by dropping a comment in the comments section below.

I would like to advice bloggers and webmasters to never create made for adsense websites, I would like to suggest them to research a lot about the topic they are about to start blogging on and then pursue with keywords and adsense etc.

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